Original Throw (OT) and Sochi Co

OT and Sochi co have the same types of products being sold- bearings, pads, and strings.
I have tried both OT and Sochi string in AP and i feel like the difference is very minimal.
Original Throw (OT)'s company owner is Shuyun Tang.
Sochi’s company owner is Luckey Li.

OT String and Sochi String do not vary much, except for the available thicknesses. OT has Normal, and Slim- whereas Sochi has Normal, Fat and XL.
So for the feel, OT is softer than Sochi on the fingers. Both are really whippy (to the point of instant double hooks) but OT is a bit whippier, which means Sochi has more controlled whips.
Sochi lasts longer than OT string- Sochi keeps its color and still has the same tension and feel after ALOT of play, but OT string loses its color and becomes softer (which is a big change in feel, though i like it.)

Overall, i do prefer OT string. It is softer so i dont get string burns or anything, but performance is almost the same. Most players do like Sochi strings feel more though, it has a good balance of stiffness and softness.

the most important thing to take note is
Polo told my friend that the strings are both made in the same china factory.
Im not telling this to initiate a fight or ruin OT and Sochi for everyone, as they are still different products. Different in very subtle but important ways. I don’t have that much knowledge on Sochi and OT pads and bearings, so i can only give input on the string.

What are your thoughts on this?


Never heard of OT before I read this

At the least, Sochis marketing is much better :joy:


tbh yea, Sochi been sponsoring the big players and i guess OT is more on showing underrated chinese players.

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Not to mention that Sochi actually has a working website


OT mostly sponsors Chinese players, but I’ve seen them quite a lot on insta (on a lot of trick circles from Chinese players, as well as their own insta page). Also Darrell Dai gave me a yellow one to try at MER but I lost it among my loads of yellow Buddha XL…


Who needs a working website? Just post on the instagramz :roll_eyes: