Ordering & YYJ Comparing

I wanna order a good yo-yo and was wondering:

1- is the YYJ journey good for unresponsive playing and more advanced stuff?

if I order it will take a month for it to arrive and I want to start already, but the only yo-yo I can get within a couple of days is the YYJ Journey. I’m afraid it won’t be suitable for more advanced tricks later, as I progress. is that so? is it good at all?

2- I plan to order the YYJ 40$ yo-yos and can’t decide which between dark magic, hitman & x-convict. can you please compare them for me?

3- what accessories should I order in order to maintain my yo-yo for a long time? (lube, shims, response rings…)

Thanks for the big help!!!

I love my hitman. I wouldn’t mind if I had another three of them. They are so great with a few modifications. I am assuming you are a beginner and don’t know how to bind so get thick lube to keep it responsive before you learn to bind (3 in 1 oil works well instead). Also get shims for when you are more advanced. Have some thin lube (trumpet valve oil, light sewing machine oil and other light thin lubes will substitute the thin lube). I have two red shims in mine with silicone in place of the orings. I suggest shaving the orings flush with the walls with a razor blade when you get better also. This will play extremely well for everything except maybe for grinds. It is one of my favorite yoyos.

The journey is not the best for advanced tricks and I highly recommend the hitman. Which ever yoyo you get make sure to get a lot of string; probably a 100 pack.

You might want to take a look at the legacy as it is one of the best plastics out.

Also very important is… LEARN TO BIND!!!1 ;D

Welcome to YYE!

legacy as I stated at the other forum. :confused:

so I guess I’ll buy the journey for now and order a 40$ yoyo for next month. the question is which??? ??? how to decide

the dm is hybrid and if you look at the tutorials in the learn section of this site, the guy in the 1A section uses it. as for hitman and xcon i havent tryed them.but before you buy the journey, look at speedmaker and legacy and lyn fury,

The Journey is a good yoyo that can be used to do basically any 1a, 3a, or 5a trick.

I say go for the legacy its good i play with mine all the time and its unresponsive as for the shipping it takes two days three tops to get where ever its going. The hitmans pretty undersized as for the DM its pretty big great for catching. Really its just preference. Hope that helped!