Orca or save money for palpitation/other top throw

regarding the release tomorrow

It’s all preferences. I personally would say something else since i find clyw to be fairly overpriced but that’s just me.

I would say clyw orca. Palpitation looks like a competition beast. But orca has its own character feel.

Yeah i agree with this. Even if the Orca and Palp were the same price. Unless you plan on competing, I’d for sure go with the Orca.

Palpitation, absolutely no doubt about it. Trying to say that the Palpitation doesn’t have its own “character feel” is incredibly wrong.

They are such incredibly different throws. I am an absolute lover of all things CLYW and the Orca went above and beyond what I was expecting. It’s absolutely wonderful. I have a large amount of nostalgic love for the Avalanche but otherwise I believe the Orca is probably CLYW’s best return top.

That being said the Palpitation is AMAZING. Amazing. Turning Point yoyos have their own unique feel and character. They’re impressive. Smooth, classy, elegant, exactly on point and doing everything that you wish for them to do. There is no right answer to this question. If you see an Orca in a colorway that you are interested in get it. If you prefer an available Palpitation colorway maybe keep saving up and make that investment. You’ll be happy either way. You really will be.

So with the Orca, which is more sought after/best of the colorways

I’m not saying it’s does not have a character but palpitation is a competition oriented yoyo. While orca along with competition oriented it’s more fun has it own feeling.

Just get a Kilter 2 instead.

If you’re looking at single-metal yoyos, then the Orca should be fine choice, and possibly the FiReal too. For bimetals, i need to warn you first: the jump in performance from a monometal to a bimetal isn’t very significant (however it still exists.) I give my highest recommendation to the Palpitation, although i must admit that it is severely overpriced. I also suggest the Slasher, and if you’re willing to get one, the new Anglam 2.

I decided to get an Orca in either Orca colorway or 28 stories

For bimetals, i need to warn you first: the jump in performance from a monometal to a bimetal isn’t very significant (however it still exists.)
You’re quite right. You probably gain about 5% performance, but it is noticeable.

Yeah I own 4 Bimetals and the monometal Arctic Circle 2 is my favorite over all 4 of those

I managed to grab the last Iceberg but geez I tried to order three different colorways and by the time I was done filling it out they were gone

The Iceberg colorway is probably one of my favorites of the CLYW throws, that’s the colorway on my WM2. Was tempting to get an Orca but I’m actually very satisfied with my 2 Fool’s Gold’s I purchased a month ago, they play even smoother than some of my other metals!

Yeah people are mad about CLYW. They sell out so fast. Chris and Steve really have cast a spell over people with their yoyos.

The really got marketing down for these between the way the present their company and the kind of players they sponsor just to name 2

Orca is beast
Do not underestimate the power of clouds on steroids

Orca is more fun

Free Willzyx

I’m not going to argue either way but saying that the orca is more fun is just plain wrong. No single yoyo is more fun than another, it all depends on the players preferences.