Has anyone else seen the pictures on yoyonews of the Orca? To me, the cupshot looks just like that of the TenYoyo Wet Whistle. Does anyone else see that?

Bonfire Cup

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Hmm… the Bonfire also looks like that of the Wet Whistle now that you mention it, just not as deep.

$130 for a solid straight from CLYW, lmao, they can’t be serious. Almost twice as much as OD solids are these days, same price as a YYR Sleipnir. Glad it doesn’t look too compelling anyway.

I was thinking this too. I think it looks like a fun throw that I’d like to try, even thought it may be my first CLYW but man that is pricey. The comparison to OD solids can’t really be ignored seeing as they are machining them.

Yeah I thought the solids were being done as a sort of “economy” version of their throws, and meant to be more accessible to those on a tighter budget. At 130$ for a solid I’m just going to wait and grab one with a nice color way. The price seems a little steep.

It looks more like a loop 1080 to me, but what do I know?


I’m in love with CLYW throws, and if you are getting your first, you can grab a slick chief for that much, its a great intro if you want something a bit more “unique” than the Bonfire (generally recommended “My First CLYW”)

I know $130 is steep for a solid, I hate having to pay $150 for a splash, but I just love CLYW’s throws so much, I guess I’ll have to keep paying that. However, I prefer splashes and am waiting patiently for that


We could sell them for a lot less if we owned our own machine shop too, I’m sure. Sorry.

I understand where you’re coming from, but it costs more for us to have OD machine them for us than it does for OD to machine something for themselves. Plus it’s a player signature model, so part of that money goes back to Harrison.

We are working on some more budget-friendly options, but for now we can’t really get our prices any lower than they are if we want to be able to support our team and our families. I understand it’s hard to spend that much on every release, but we do appreciate the support of those who can afford to give it. Thanks.


At some point people wanted solids and now that they’re in production people want splash!
At some point people complained about CTX and now they complain about flats.
You can never win…

I understand that some people find the CLYW prices a bit much, but the company spends much on R&D, Production, Marketing, sponsorships, supporting the community etc.

I bet if you start to figure out the cost of doing business, you realize these companies are not getting rich and the owners are not driving Bentleys…

They have to pay OD for their services, the profits they make often go back to the company for more throws and they are trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, what we all try to do. They are churning out new throws pretty rapidly for us to hype over, this cost money.

They are pricing with what the market will bear, supply and demand, they will keep supplying us with throws as long as we keep buying them. If they overprice, we don’t buy, they adjust pricing. But be aware that if we refuse to buy, no more company as they won’t operate without making a profit, that’s the point of running a business.

FWIW, I have CLWY, OD, 2sick, Duncan, YYF, Werrd, TMBR, OUT, Apollo and Hildy throws… I buy the throws I like and can afford.

CLYW is serious high quality, but they are not the only ones from that group. They all have a reason to why I bought them, and I’d do it again.

Valid points Steve, thanks for the info.

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I refuse to believe more than 5%-10% of people still prefer solids or flat bearings. The rate at which solids sell proves this, and they’re usually the first release just to move product to early adopters and get them to market quicker. Breaking in CTX bearings was abysmal, but let’s be honest, flat bearings are terrible and everyone other than OD and a few other holdouts have realized this.

I love solids and find many splashes look kinda tacky. But I also love many splashes, so not saying that “as a whole” I don’t like splashes. :wink:

Nice subtle acid washes and solids are more where it’s at for me.

Lots of people seem to cling to flat bearings… maybe a hero of theirs has said that profiled bearings “bunch up weird” and they took it as truth… who knows. But yeah, not a fan over here. Can’t think of a single yoyo I own with a flat bearing in it right now.

Back to the Orca:

When I heard the price, I actually thought, “Not bad!” So I guess it’s all relative. I didn’t find it to be a particularly expensive release. Not prohibitively at least. If they play as well as they look, there’s probably one in my future.

Harsh… I agree on the fact that flats are bad

YES!! Yellow! I love solids! Most splashes just blend into mud when you’re playing anyway so it’s not a priority for me. Can’t wait until the 28th.

I’ll take either solid or splashed. For me, I don’t care as much whether it’s solid or splashed, I just want nice colors to choose from. If it’s solid, I’m looking for black, blue, silver or gold. If it’s a splash, I’m looking for the obvious. :wink:

What a shame. Orca thread with no photos. :frowning:

If you’re looking for a testimonial on how it plays, Andrew Maider already told me this is probably his new competition return top of choice.

He only got his today, and he’s already asking about backups for contests.