Help me decide.... Please!


Hi, I’m sitting here with 2 throws in the shopping cart (Orca & Nightmare) and know I will get in trouble with my better half if I buy both. I can’t decide. im leaning towards the CLYW because I only have one, and it’s the plastic Big Dipper. And I have many YYF throws, which I love dearly.

Any Ideas?



If you have yet to try a bi-metal yoyo, I’m sure you’ll love the Nightmare.

The Orca is heavy, smooth, and very stable. It is also made in Canada. The Orcas in the new color ways also comes with concave bearings (licensed from Dif-E-Yo).

Both are great choices. I was in your position awhile ago, I had too many YYF and wanted to try other brands out. So I decided to get the Big Dipper and fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve bought more CLYW throws and I can tell you that each are very unique and special in their own ways. I love all of my CLYW, a great brand that makes high quality return tops that plays super well.

You could always get the Orca now, and save up for a Blizzard or Igloo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You could flip a coin.


They’re both great throws. You can’t go wrong whichever you choose. I myself would go for an Orca, because I like the wider snowpad response a lot better than the thin sticker response of the nightmare, and also Clyw’s tend to have a better resale value than yyfs (in general)


Yup, they retain their resale value quite well.

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orca for me, but they call me a “fan boi”

for me it really asking YYF or CL. Ill take CL every time. That being said i did snag a Mystery X box which landed me with a stellar Superstar bimetal. might be worth checking out. .


I’m becoming a CLYW “fan boi” too :joy::joy::joy:


You all have been a great help. Thanks! I decided to go with the ORCA for now. I was so tempted to just get them both. But there is always next time. Thanks everyone! The feedback helped a lot.


Which colorway are you getting it in?