Which yoyo should I get the clyw chief or the clyw orca

Those yoyo are both expensive so I need some opinions to chose

Ive owned and sold both. I did not sell them because I was unhappy with them so no worries.

The Chief is a ball of fun. Feels heavy in the hand and light on the string. Its an excellent all-arounder that can do just about everything equally well other than finger spins and an occasional rejection that didnt reject. :slight_smile: The epitome of CLYW look and feel. It alwasy made me think of a ball while in play. Its just so very, ball-ish. I dunno. Its alot of fun. I may get another one some day.

The Orca is the most recent CLYW to leave my home. It plays smooth, flowy, and you feel every gram of its weight. It always felt heavy, but this could be due to the long length of string I prefer. It makes sense why its called Orca. Its a beast. Tons of rim weight makes for good stability. Ive heard some people say its fast, but I did not find this to be the case, again, my string length could be a factor. I loved the Orca’s colors (lost in space is one of the prettiest Ive seen) but never loved the Orca’s play. I liked it alot, but It just didnt get enough play. The yoyo deserves to be thrown, not just admired under glass.

Thank you for your opinion I will put your facts into mind

I owned a Chief and regret selling it. It is a classic CLYW throw, and for a while was probably their most well known, for a good reason

I have never owned a chief so I can’t add my opinion on it. The orca was my first clyw yoyo. It will always be one of my favorites. It’s has wonderful spin times and feels like it’s was made to fit your hand. It’s not a fast player but can be if you push it. A very good yoyo in my opinion.

I have the Chief who doesn’t use hardly ever, has never managed to get me to separate from my two Avalanche.
The Orca I not have never even hand held, but I do not think it was a great success, and I not read many enthusiastic comments about it.
My advice? neither. in a few days will be on sale the Kayak, the new signature of Spencer … and it is a yoyo phenomenal (word of a member of the team who clearly used it), … that money You spend it for that. :wink:

You got the Chief, talk about it. What do you like and not like about it? Why does it not seem to stack up to others? Why do you still keep it if you dont play it alot? There has gotta be things you enjoy and things you dislike. This is what OP is asking about, details and opinions of those with experience with the Chief and/or Orca.

If you are excited alot about the Kayak, start a thread about it, and lets buzz away! :smiley:

I state that I do not sell any of my yoyo, even those that I consider play badly or that I rarely use, and there are many, just to name a few … Astroid, PSG, R2010, token, H5, Chief, Sovereign, Pyramid , Virus, Cream, SainT EEL, Wasabi, etc.

The Chief is certainly a yoyo good but, in my opinion, his greatest achievement was given an innovative disign double rings (which does not have a great influence in the performance), a very shrewd hype and just as good marketing.
There has been much run (14 I think) with very nice colors … and my I mainly bought it for coloring … Cryo edition.
That said, the Chief has never failed to give me a special sensation … good yoyo but simply as good as many others, nothing more. The Avalanche (which as shape has never struck me too) instead he always gave a feeling of total control … a feeling out of the media.

For the Kayak I can not open a discussion, I have not even seen it but I know it is very fast and stable, another monometallic as the compass and the manatee … yoyo they do ask if he really there needs to be bi-metal.