Has anybody written a review on the orca yet? I’ve heard only good things but am still really curious about how it plays. If you have one do you like it?

Well, this isn’t exactly a review. But I will share my opinion with you. I don’t have every model of CLYW Yoyo.

Currently I have: 2 Sasquatches, 2 Puffins, 1 Yeti, 1 Cliff, 1 Glacial Express, 1 Arctic Circle2, 2 Avalanches, 1 WM2, 2 Puffin2’s, 2 Gnarwhals, 1 Bonfire, and an Orca.

My opinion will seem kinda odd because I never liked the Chief. And the Chief to many seems to be one of the most popular CLYW yoyos.

And I really love the Sas… Which is way different than the Chief. And the Orca tilts more towards the Chief in general. By that I mean the Orca and Chief seem more like cousins. <etc.

Moving ahead; I really like the Bonfire. Which is also more like a Chief than a Sas.

So before I got an Orange Orca, I felt the Bonfire and Sas were my favorite CLYW yoyos.

…Then I got the Orca. To me the Orca is Outstanding.

I can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Orca.


^^Take his word for it, he’s very knowledgeable.

The Orca is absolutely awesome…and for those who even slightly like the chief, i highly suggest trying the Scout. I am extremely grateful that CLYW added these two to the family.

Is it good for speed play?