Orange box


does anyone play the game orange box? here is a pic:


Haven’t played it much


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

i love that game, tf2 is my favorite online game ever! i had it on xbox and i dont know if they ever came out with updates on it because i ran outta my membership haha


the orange box was awesome. tf2, hl2, and portal were all great games.

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Both TF2, HL2 AND Portal are still some of the best games out on the market.

Every single PC gamer who hasn’t got Portal (both of them) and HL2 should just buy them now. They are both on sale and TF2 is free. It’s possible to get these games for less than $10 right now, which is a lot of good gametime for your money. If you have half a decent PC, and you don’t have these games. Get on Steam and buy them ASAP.

EDIT: I might as well mention that there are several insanely good titles on sale in Steam today. For 20 bucks you can get Bastion, Magicka, Dungeon Defenders, Orcs Must Die and both Portal games.


I used to have it for PS3, but they took off the servers for TF2, and I hated HL2, so I only played Portal on it.

Portal was excellent though.


How could you hate HL2? It was an awesome title! No disrespect intended, but I really loved HL and HL2.

To each their own though…


But to many people hack into team fortress.2


Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay was a lot of fun. But my main problem was that it saves you wherever you left off, not at a checkpoint. My problem was that I got stuck, with no ammo, no health, and nowhere to go with a helicopter shooting missiles at me. So really, my only option was to restart the entire game. And that to me wasn’t cool. The other thing I didn’t like was how limited the amount of ammo they give you is. But whatever, “hate” probably isn’t the best word, more like “dislike”.


That would be a major bummer. In my experience, the saved positions are in a list. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, you can go back two saves and move from there.

I am sorry that the gameplay was a bummer. I would recommend playing again. My experience is that replays can be even more fun :slight_smile:


Yeah, I ought to give it another chance, but I’ll probably never find the time or the opportunity.