So what Xbox game to get?

So many games came out and will come out in the near future that i have no idea what to get. i have $100 for videogames and there are so many options.

i wanted Crysis 2 or Homefront, because they look like epic games on all the videos i saw, but the problem is that i have not seen any videos for either in over a month. i have a feeling that their honeymoon period has died. does anyone know if they still have a large player pool on 360?

there is also portal 2, but that is kinda the game where you play alone to discover what happens, and after the 8 or so hours, it collects dust. of course there will be hordes of people that say i should get it because it is so fun and good, but am i right about replay value?

there is also Brink, but i hear mixed reviews. on machinima respawn, they say it is good, but on G4, they say it doesn’t work well. so what is the verdict?

then there are those games that have yet to come out, like battlefield, MW3, Rage, Gears, and tons more.

My preferences: I like first person shooters, but there seems to be so little originality to it, and a lot of original titles seem to not work that well. i was very disappointed by Black Ops, and right now i mostly play Halo reach for my FPS fix. i also like RPG’s (not the n00b gun, the genre) like fable or dragon age.

i would like to hear what the video game community on yoyoexpert thinks. are there any other games that i didn’t mention? should i wait till after E3 before i get my games? should i GO to E3 (would be difficult, but possible)?

You must get Mortal Kombat!!!

^ditto skorpion ftw. But I would get battlefield bad compan two. It’s an amazing first person shooter that is so much better than black ops or any other game. It has so many weapons and you now have the ability to drive vehicles. I <3 sniping.


I’d agree, but there are better iterations of tetris in other places.


Batman Arkham Asylum is an incredible game IMO. You should check it out. This fall the sequel, Arkham City comes out, so you may want to wait for that one. I will certainly be purchasing that one from day one, which is something that I almost never do.

Some of the best iterations of pong are actually availible free online.

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homefront was fun for like 13 hours but got boring after a while. portal 2 is a ton of fun but you are right about the replay value. Brink is fun but you need a friend to play it with or it gets real boring real quick. i am having alot of fun play L.A Niore even though i love FPS games. cant wait for Rage, GOW 3, MW3, and a bunch of other games. Most of those games are alot of fun and i have heard that crysis two was alot of fun even though i havent played it. whatever you pick will be good.

The only place that games exist is on a remote flash game site… I do not understand how you would play it on directXbox.

oblivion scyrim is coming out and will be totally legit
MW3 is coming out
Battlefield 3 is coming out too.

If you like MW, then buy Battlefield…it’s a much larger scope of battle. I prefer it to Call of Duty for team/friend play…you can have your own squad of 4 with you and your friends. Just picture this, you and your 3 buddies loaded in a chopper, two on the guns, you drop out over your objective and storm the enemy…it’s a lot of fun.