Optimal String Length


I am relatively new to modern yoing. I am working on intermediate 1A play, and my learning curve seems to have accelerated since I have nailed the reverse split mount. I have a question about string length.
I am short at 5’ 6" and I was wondering, should shorten the length of a stock string? I have cut a few inches off of new string several times but I do not like the feel of the shortened string length. Is this just a matter of getting accustomed to a shortened string? Would a shorter string facilitate my play? Any enlightenment would be appreciated. ???


Shorter string will help with faster play. I see no need to shorten it till you think you need to go faster. I like mine a little long too. Helps with more room to learn your tricks.


Originally I liked my strings very long, but they seem to get shorter by the day now.

Just go with what feels right. Experiment and see what fits your preference.


Yup, experimentation is key. Many people cut it off so that the knot is at their belly button, but it varies from there. I feel that I play much smoother with little bit longer ones, but I can indeed go faster with a shorter string.


i like it to be at my belly button when i have my shoes off (i take 1 shoe off when im measuring it) it just seems like the right length for me

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I had a hard time with string lengths, too. Experiment with the string. Try cutting off half an inch at a time until you find your miracle length.


i like mine long and im short at 5’3 it just gives me more romm to do tricks

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Try this?:



Thank you all for the great feedback. I cut the string on my yoyos to the belly button and it seems to be working well for me. I have been practicing quite a bit since the last time I shortened a string and the difference was quite noticeable. Now it actually feels like I have more control with the shortened string.