Cutting yoyo string.

Ok so I have never cut my strings in all the time that I have yoyoed and I am starting to wonder is there a benefit to having a shorter string does it make sideways yo-yoing easier? Does it make play easier or harder? as I can imagine that longer string would usually mean larger gaps but does also having you hands farther apart give you less control? I have always heard the cut at the belly button but always wondered why. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is all dependent in your particular style of play. If you do a lot of tech, slacks, whips, and scuicides, then full length string would be great. If your a speedy player, that does speed combo’s, horizontal, and rejections, than a shorter string would fit you. try to experiment with different strings, and different length’s. This is subjective to your own self benefit’s, and personal preference. I personally use full length string, but I differentiate length’s with different yoyo’s. As a result, the old saying to cut the string at waist height, was all made in the past with older yoyo’s. Hope this help’s. ;D

I completely agree with grandmaster. Does a shorter string make horizontal easier? If you’re into technical stuff than I’d say yes. It allows the yoyo to travel a shorter distance increasing speed. It’s really all personal preference.

Cut my string a played with it for a while and is seemed that some of the slack tricks were easier. but I can see how with stuff like jade whip and iron whip the longer string would be better and make the trick look better a well. But I also see that longer strings give you the ability to make crazier string structures so I see how both can be good, and I will definitely will be playing around with string length to find out what is best.

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What’s the best way to tie the knot? That’s always how i end up with random string lengths

That is incredibly hard to explain with text! XD

Link a vid

This is how apparently everyone else ties it but I do it differently. :stuck_out_tongue:

jhb8426 how did you embed the video? Did you just put the embed code or what?

Just remove the s from https in the link and it should do it automatically.

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