Opinions on the new Wooly Marmots?

Anybody who’s played them have an opinion? How do they compare to the older ones?

I am curious as well. I really love my 1st Run Wooly Marmot. Didn’t like the second version.

I’ve never thrown the older run marmots, but I love my new run one.
It plays really floaty, and incredibly smooth on the string. It’s not the most stable yoyo I’ve used, but it gets the job done. It’s become one of, if not my favourite yoyo in my collection.

I have not tried the old one, but i have the new one it is my favorite yoyo even though for some reason its gone through two bearings really fast.

Ive only tried the new and it is a bit too unstable for my taste and too much wasted catch zone…

I’m in the same boat, ive only played the newest run. It’s an incredible smooth throw. It’s a little bit on the heavier side, as far as the way it plays. It’s not terribly floaty but it moves around where you want it to go and the weight it has combined with the floatyness it almost hangs in the air yet you can feel it pulling on the string. Only complaint is that it is a fairly unstable throw, it tilts very easily.