How does the Wooly Marmot 2 play

Would anyoen describe it as fun? Looking for a floaty, slightly undersized clyw and the wm2 looks perfect.

Can’t tell whether it is floaty or not

its one of the “funnest” CLYW in their line up. Its just a fast little ball of fun. Its smooth, smaller diameter, makes it speedy and cna shoot through the tiniest of string windows for those tight techy moments. I have a hard time with “floaty” but its no brick. Lack of rim weight makes it slighly less stable but that just makes you a better player. Spending time with it then going to a full sized one again, makes the “normal” ones feel like a beach ball!

Its a blast. I love mine, although I dont play it alot, its in my top 5 for sure.

(hijack) I m looking into it as well. Have a turning point rt and would like to hear some opinions on how it compares