Wooly Marmot 2?


Thinking about getting a Wooly Marmot 2 when they release if I’m able to, but I’m wondering, what do they play like? Floaty?


It plays very maneuverable and has surprisingly good stability. The shape is awesome. It can do horizontal fairly well. It can handle fingerspins quite well although definitely not the greatest for them. Rejections feel just right. Response is a little too aggressive at first for my likings but plays awesome on broken in and really old pads so you don’t have to change them often at all. I’ve tried a few different bearings and I STRONGLY recommend a centering bearing of some sort. I can’t stress enough that it plays better with one and was designed to use one.

Bottom line: YES, GET ONE but buy a centering bearing like the CTX because CLYW uses flat bearings now (1st run wm2 came with CTX)


Sweet. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab one. Thanks :slight_smile: