Opinions on the C3 Accelerator?

Anyone with input and/or opinions on the C3 Accelerator? The shape and price really speaks to me, so if it plays like it looks i’ll probably grab one :slight_smile:

I just got one. I recently picked up a Berserker SS and really like it so I figured I’d give the accelerator a shot. It’s nice and stable and sleeps pretty well. Feels good in my hand and doesn’t hurt on a hard return. I got the blue and purple one and the anodizing looks great to me. Out of the box the response is really agressive with a standard kitty, but after a day of solid play its becoming a bit less harsh. The bearing is probably the weak point but not awful. I put a clean OD 10- ball in and got noticeably longer spins. Overall I love it. I don’t want to say it’s great for a cheaper metal, because it stands up to any throw I’ve used, regardless of price. Oh one last point it doesn’t have a lip for doing IRG’s. The weight on the rim is more of a shelf.

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The stock response looks like this, almost like tp

most reviews say this run feels much more solid and thus almost like the original PW, but the sleep time hasnt improved much from the prerelease which i consider about average for a 55mm diameter throw

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If i get one i’ll replace the flat with a CT anyway, so the bearing doesn’t matter. If the response turns OK after a bit of play i don’t really care about that either.

Medium spin times are ok aslong as the yoyo manages to keep stable :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

Love this thing. Really really nice throw. I recommend to anyone looking for a new budget metal.

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Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: Really appreciate the help