YOYOFFICER Orbis VS C3YoYoDesign Accelerator

Which of the 2 would you guys think would be better overall. Horizontal, fingerspins, 3A, 5A, etc…

Hard to say at this point in time, but I predict that for fingerspins, the orbis wins by a mile, but for the rest, it should be a draw.
Except for 3A. Both are too wide for 3A.

Would also really like to know
I like both shapes, and the splases they come in, so I really want to know how they play

accelerator is allegedly more ‘solid’
also unless you like to just sit there and swag around with a fingerspin i doubt that a concentric spin has any advantage over an IRG spin during hop tricks

I played with speedaholics for 3A before and have seen a 3A vid with the Orbis, that width is seen by tons of people to be too wide, while for some like me, it’s perfectly fine haha

I might wait for the accelerator reviews to start popping up to decide… It’s winning right now haha

You do have a point with the fingerspins since I’d be doing those, besides putting those fingerspins into 3A anyway :wink:
And I’m guessing it would be more “solid” since its 2ish grams heavier right?

I haven’t tried the Accelerator but the Orbis is amazing. It feels light but is still really controllable and long spinning. It kind of reminds me of the 2sickyoyos Queen.

honestly,the c3 accelerator doesn’t spin as long as orbis but it does have power, it can even be hard to stop it once it’s going with speed. The orbis is of course a mile lighter than accelerator, and it is much more faster and stabler than accelerator durong horizontal play, at least it doesn’t lose spin as much as accelerator. I prefer orbis for my speedy style but I have replaced a concave bearing with it’s v-shaped bearing,because firstly it’ll play smoother and secondly the v-shaped bearing traps the string and thus hinders the spin dramatically.

Mileage isnt a measurement of weight
go away


Not cool. It’s a perfectly valid expression. Also, a measurement of distance is not called “mileage”. Mileage = distance divided by fuel expended. :wink:

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But, but, but, google says mileage is the # of miles covered, and nothing on the internet is a lie

If the sleep time of your accelerator is bad it s probably the response rubbing against the strign

No wonder my fireball dosent spin like my draupnir

I can do a 3 min loop combo on my fireball in 1 throw. git gud

I can do a 24 loop of nyan cat on youtube