Shutter vs orbis vs accelerator

I was debating between these yoyos. I am not that much of a fan of v shaped yoyos rank them in order in your opinion if possible pls. Thx for the help!!!

  1. Shutter
  2. Orbis
  3. Accelerator

That is from most H to most V


One, I like H better than V normally. Two, he doesn’t like V either.

Oh I know I was just stating what it was


and I was just stating why I did it like that. :smiley: I wasn’t arguing a point or anything.

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I have owned the shutter and the orbis, but not the accelerator.

But out of those I love my Orbis and I concerted getting more than 1 or 2 in the future.

As a person who tried all 3.
2. Orbis.
3. Shutter.

  1. Shutter

Shutter!!! Haven’t tried the other two, so I can’t rank them.

I say Orbis. I haven’t tried the Accelerator, but the Orbis feels way lighter to me than the Shutter. Honestly the Shutter felt really sluggish to me, not really something I would want to throw everyday. The Orbis plays just as well if not better than the Shutter without feeling like a brick. This is all just my opinion though

All three are among the best in the price range so definitely a great place to start.

You said you don’t like V’s then that would rule the Accelerator out.

The Shutter and the Orbis are pretty close enough shape wise so not too much to talk about there although the small indentation on the Orbis make fingerspins a little easier while the Shutter is a more pronounced H that feels more stable.

Shutter is .5mm taller but the Orbis is 1.6mm wider. Noticeable but nothing too major there.

So we get to the weight and the Orbis is 64.3 grams while the Shutter is 67.8 grams.

Personally the Orbis is too light for me (unlike above) and if I had to choose only one, it would be the Shutter as the more solid feel is something I enjoy. Slow, faster, etc, is all just differences in how someone throws with their personal preferences and I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these, even the Accelerator.

I think the better question is what throws do you currently have and what do you like, hate about them, and wish you could change? I think that would help in pointing you towards a throw you would most likely enjoy the most. But then again, something that should be good on paper might not click with you as well.

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Wasn’t it me who let you try all three at the last meet? XD

I think so. :smiley:

Every possible combination has been said xD

I think it’s safe to assume that it’s all preference at this point. Choose the yoyo that has ur fav specs/shape in a yoyo

  1. Orbis
  2. Orbis
  3. Orbis