Opinions of yoyorecreation laser




There’s a pretty extensive discussion on the laser already in the yoyorecreation appreciation thread


I love mine. It is second only to the Draupnir in performance. The Laser’s biggest problem is: the Draupnir. Without the Draupnir; we would be singing this yo-yo’s praises from the highest steeple. It is awesome.

I wish they would do a blasted version though.


It was mainly designed for 3a so It’s a bit slimmer than most modern 1A yoyos.
I really love how it plays just wish there was a wider version.


It’s one of the best yoyos in the world for 3A or 5A.

If you’re into 1A there are better choices, like the Draupnir, which, while hard to find new right now, can still be found at two sites I know of, or the Isotope 2.

The main problem with the Laser for 1A is the specs. It’s a 56/40 like many 3A/5A throws, which works well for these styles because you can generate spin easily and the narrower width helps lead to fewer collisions. But for 1A you probably want something a few mm wider.


It looks killer for 5A it’s not something I’d use for 1A tho.