Opinions between two throws

I am looking at two different bimetal organic throws,

Damian Puckett Duality

Fallen Angel

I am looking for opinions on these two as I haven’t been able to find much information about them.

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I have Duality, and i like it. I may be a little bit biased, because i like organics and have mostly organics in my little assembly of yoyos :smile:
But, it is really nice.

Sadly, never had or tried Fallen Angel.

How does it play, new to organics. Spin time, fast or slow?

Looks like they are gone, thanks

Organics somehow persuading you to play in relaxed, slower way, and Duality is not an exception. You can speed them up, Duality too, but you really don`t need to do it.
If bearing, installed in Duality, is good, then yoyo got plenty of sleep time.

Well, Dualities appear on BST from time to time, and if you want to try it - go ahead and get it.

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I have both…… I have played both extensively….;…
IMO the the duality is a laid back preformer……
The Fallen Angel looks very similar to the. DD Fusion……and plays as fast as want it too!! With the Fusion you are the driver!! Spin times are no issue too!

They are very different, even from a surface level comparison. The Duality is a full-sized yoyo while the Fallen Angel is an undersized one. If you don’t like smaller yo-yos, then the Fallen Angel is not for you.

I don’t have the Duality so I can’t comment on it, but I’ll give you my thoughts on the Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angel is a pretty fast playing organic and moves around pretty quickly and nimbly. It is pretty responsive to your movements and will change directions without much effort. It’s stability is is pretty good, especially for an organic. You can do pretty much all your difficult tricks with it (I mean which yoyo can’t, really) but you might have a harder time hitting them since the yoyo is small and the catch zone isn’t the widest being an organic yoyo. You might have some issues with keeping the yoyo on plane as well. It’s good for a pocket throw to bring around as it fits nicely in a jeans pocket without bulging out too much or something like a practice yoyo that you use to refine your tricks. If you want a chill, laid back organic that plays slowly and reluctantly, then this might not be the yoyo for you. It can do that and it doesn’t really push you to go fast, but it’s much more suited for playing at a medium to high speed and I find it more fun that way (I generally prefer yo-yos that play fast and nimble on the string). Overall the Fallen Angel is a great yoyo if you like something that is pretty nimble and fast on the string, comfortable in the hand and on the catch, and is small and easily pocketable, all while still being pretty stable and having decent spin times.

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To me, the ti fallen angel (still a fallen angel) is my only undersized throw now. It plays like a full size to me without the usual thunk associated with playing some of the other sub 50mm which feel more like a rock on a string. Nimble and fast, but still very chill. I’m fine with a narrow gap, so it’s seriously just right.

Is one of my top 5.

But like Hanker said, if you’re not sure - stay full size.