Operation Infection.

ALL CREDIT FOR THIS POST GOES TO JACOB HOLLIS. FROM THEYO.COM. I just thought this was totally cool so I am passing this on.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take your yoyo… and pass it on. The goal here is to infect the rest of the world with the fun of yoyoing. So follow these three steps to keep theyo alive, and the yoers lively.

  1. Grab a yoyo. Ideally, it should not require pads that need replacing, and the bearing should work. Really, we’re looking to give out beginner’s yoyos. This does not have to be yours, and it does not have to be bought from a store. Whichever beginner yoyo you can get your hands on, I suppose.

  2. Paint or write with a sharpie, yoyoexpert.com, on the yoyo. You want this to be visible, so that it’s like an advertisement that you can throw. This is important!

  3. Give it away. What you want to do is do some really flashy cool tricks at the mall or, better yet, a smaller, quiet place like a mcdonald’s or a cafe. You want young teens to see you yoyo, and you want them hooked. 10 to 12 is a great age group to target. Once you get a really cool looking guy or girl hooked, give it to him. Tell him go to yoyoexpert.com to buy more, and show him how to throw. Make sure you teach him like rock the baby and walk the dog, so that he’ll want to show his friends. Tell him he can search online to find new tricks from the masters.

The goal, again, is to infect the world with the fun of yoyoing. If the cool teens do it, so will everyone else. And if one out of 50 people sticks with it, so be it. At least you got the one. Good luck with your mission.

Lets do this peeps.

Passing on yoyoing.

Im all for that!


You should change “theyo” to yoyoexpert.

Done Deal!

Love the idea…see yaa fast 201!! Jayyo likin the video…it’s weird they were throwing like A 100$ dollar yoyo around haha

Why not just throw?

i’m.byebye power spin. :’(

Lovin that vid Jayyo! Ive done this about 3 times in the past haha but i just gave them a slip of paper with yye.com on it

Wicked vid Jayyo, world get ready for the Saber Raider

i started a yoyo club at school today.

Thats sweet man I wish there were a few yoyoers withing a hundred miles of me haha.

i Started one a week ago!

Left this in the Good Day Sacramento Green Room at the CBS Studio in Sacramento.
Left behind a few, and gave away 2 Firedogs.