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My friend from California wanted to get serious about throwing. So I asked for his address and told him he wouldn’t have to use his Duncan Mosquito anymore. Starlight is currently on the way to him. I don’t throw it anymore so it would only be fitting for it to get more use. Can’t wait till he gets it.

Good for you :slight_smile:
I hope he knows how to bind though…

He says he’s ready to learn how to bind and get into modern tricks.

Good for you, man. I love hearing stories of kindness.

I started on a mosquito…

Good times, good times…

Gave a work colleague a YYF Velocity. In short order he learned to bind and is now on par with me for skill. He acquired some new yoyos and then passed the Velocity on to another colleague’s daughter.

I lent my YYF ONE to a friend of mine and she seems to enjoy it pretty well. She ended up getting a Velocity for Christmas, can’t say I know how she’s doing now though however. :-X


Yes… it’s awesome to give yoyo’s away.

I gave my kid several technics … they were gone in a day. I didn’t consider the fact that i’d have to supply strings too.

my friend Jackie’s little brother has autism, yesterday was autism awareness day, i remember mattylightning’s video for it last year i believe (great video btw matty!!) and i read up somewhere that skill toys help with learning disabilitied kids, seeing how i have a Ld and have use my metals for meditation many a times. sooo i gave her bro my green psg and am teaching him the basics with a duncan mosquito, he’s super psyched about it! his face just lights up.

Same just happened to me :). A friend had a DV888 from a trade he never used, he re shaped it completely(looks awesome). And have it to me. :)!

I gave my friend a speed dial and a Dash for Christmas