So I went to the Sunshine Kite shop and they had a Cerberus there,I had been planning to get this yoyo for quite a while now so they let me try it, it was pretty good but not as good as proclaimed.And when I looked closer it was rusting under the ring bummer,and this is out of the box.So now I,m thinking about getting a different one.Any suggestions?Preferably YoyoJam.

Why do you want to limit yourself to YYJ? There are plenty of other great brands out there.

Hit man pro

i like my pinnacle

you didn’t like the cerberus? mine plays really smooth. I like it. lol
but what’s your price range? and preferences?

Why only YYJ? Many great brands out there. And any preferences? Price, Size, shape etc.

SPYY, CLYW, 3yo3, One Drop, YYF and Duncan are great brands. SPYY Stryker, CLYW Sasquatch, One Drop 54, 3yo3 Bass Line, Duncan Exit 8/Raptor, YYF’s.

But if you really have to for no apparent reason, we still need preferences.

Well I like Duncan and YoyoFactory.I think that the Cerberus is a little too big but I like the v shape.

Budget? If you like V-shapes I would consider a SPYY Pro. Very stable yoyo that is all catch zone

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Yah I like V shapes this looks interesting

Sfx phenom or phenomizm (:

Maybe but a Diversion looks really cool.

No one ever gives Duncan the credit it deserves. ???


Except you. right on another Duncan fan!I would buy more Duncan yoyos if they were talked about more. :frowning:

Duncan doesn’t make enough variety of yoyos. But I really liked the freebird for 5A

True. They mostly make small bearing yoyo’s, lot of people favor in size C bearings. The only few yoyo’s that are similar to those popular in the market is Raptor and Exit8. Raptor has been talked about quite a lot. Exit 8’s talk time ended around 2 days after it was released.

I really didn’t like how the exit 8 felt. I threw it at worlds, and I was really unimpressed.