is there any videos of ooch doing a freestyle like at a contest or is he just a demonstrator? also is he still with yomega?


To my knowledge “Ooch” has never competed. His thing is going around to different schools and organizations in his area and discussing such things as avoiding drug use and anti-bullying through his yoyoing programs. Last I heard he was still with Yomega. If that has changed I am unaware of it.

(Then again, I don’t keep close tabs on Yomega’s activities)


Okay so what I’m hearing is that ooch is sponsored but doesn’t compete? That is just wrong!


And why is that?

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You don’t need to compete to be sponsored. As long as you are a good asset to the community, then you have the potential for sponsorship.
I know Ooch’s dvd taught me A LOT of stuff when I was first starting.


Ooch has got to be my favorite yoyoer. Ever.


JD and Andre don’t compete.


Yes but remember Andre used to compete


They both used to compete. Andre is a US national champion and JD is a world yoyo champion.


That is some flawed logic. Companies sponsor people so they bring in business, not because they compete.


A sponsorship is a business relationship. Give the guy some credit for trying to steer our youth in the right direction.


Yep. He seems like a nice guy. He gets a lot of kids interested in yoyoing too.


I see nothing wrong at all. Zammy doesn’t compete, but he’s still a part of the community.


What Ooch does it pretty awesome. I think personally he is a great ambassador for the community. He might not compete, but with his motivational speeches and demonstrations he spreads the hobby to those that otherwise might not be interested. I also watched a few videos on youtube and his messages are very positive and very appropriate for school age kids. If he can get through to some people while spreading good habits and behaviors more power to him.


That’s ridiculous. There are tons of sponsored players that don’t compete. Competing isn’t the focus of a sponsorship for some companies. There are lots of ways to rep your brand without getting on stage.


Really there are sponsored yoyoers that don’t compete, I’d like you to name one then!



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Brett Grimes. Ed Haponik. Two of the most well known sponsored players that don’t compete. D you think we were just making it up? Smh.