ooch yo mods?

Hey guys new here. Haven’t yo yo’d in a while just getting back into things, a new yo yo shop just opened in my town and they recommended the yomega ooch yo for me, told me it was unresponsive and for the price i said why not. My question is does anyone have experience with this yo yo and if they do will i have to do any mods right off the bat or as i progress more? when i first started yo yo’ing about 7 years ago maybe, i had the duncan free hand(i think this was when it first came out) and i remember i had to mod it somewhat after the pads wore down, i just remember that being a pain in the “butt”. Thanks, any insight would be of help.

What type of mods are you talking about?

7 years is a long time, did you play unresponsive back then?

Honestly, the only mods you’ll probably want to do is change the rubber response with flowable silicone. It improves the play immensely.

And is that sgore your only option? You could buy stuff online, right here at yye. Theres plenty of good throws in that price range. Most notably the Alpha Crash and a Classic after some minor mods.

No i did not play unresponsive, but i liked the idea so i went with this model. From what i can tell it already comes with recessed silicone pads much different than the duncan “stickers”, also will a 100% nylon string make a big difference? Mods i am talking about is stuff like “filing” or “carving” into the yo yo, i don’t want to ruin the structural integrity of the yo yo and i don’t trust myself enough yet with what to do even if i wanted to. thanks for the response.

Do you still have that Duncan freehand? Also I’d recommend instead of wasting your time trying to attempt a mod on the ooch just pick up a C3 Speedaholic it will play much better and take you as far as you want.