Only those with skills may read this thread!

Ok, so the title doesnt exclude anyone who posts on this forum… But it is geared toward those who have thrown for at least a little while

Every once in a while I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from realizing how easy a trick is that I once looked at as an impossible task set before me to learn… Looking down on where I used to look up… And it makes me a happier person than I ever was without a throw in my hand

Who else feels great satisfaction from yoyoing and how has it helped you?

Plastic whip used to feel like rocket science when I first started. Now I can do tricks like triple wrist whip with ease. I’m at the point where I can’t relax without a yoyo in my pocket, even if I don’t use it.

There may be a little happiness after I work out a trick once I feel insane. But every time I met some one with combo a lot difficult than I can accept. I feel depressed how much time will it take for me to achieve that level? I am 20 now. In the country where yo-yoing is considered to be sth childish…,I got lost when I think of this thing. Will I still keep on yo-yoing ?

don’t get discouraged… All it takes is practice and your level of skill will continue to climb… There is always a bigger fish in the sea… Even world champions have to deal with competition… Thats why there is always a new champion, despite an occasional streak… Even shinji saito who has 13 titles will meet his match… Who knows, if you stick with it, it might be you…

As for childish, people live to make other people feel worse than They do, so who cares what they think, it’s your hobby, be proud of it… I should write my speeches down