Anybody else feel this way?


Everybody on the forums is better than me at yoyoing, I suck at yoying :-[


I suck but I’ve come to terms with it.




It’s either my confidence or the truth


I think we all felt that way at some point. Until suddenly someone is lamenting how hard trick X is or asking what seems to be an “obvious” question and then you realize: wow, I’m actually really good at trick X, and I’ve known the answer to that “obvious” question for months!

Then you realize you’ve moved squarely into the intermediate (not in terms of André’s categories but in the broad sense of the word) level. You have valuable things to share with people now!

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Sucks at yo-yoing? I believe that it’s impossible to suck at yo-yoing if you are having fun. All those that do it better are just there for inspiration. :slight_smile: Tap into it!



I actually just started throwing, and i’m better than I thought, it’s probably that everyone has amazing vids. I got overwhelmedand started comparing.


Your post in the G2 news thread says otherwise, being on the team means the opposite.
Any vids?


I’m pretty sure he was kidding and that he’s not on their team.




I felt like this about a week in… Then I got confident about myself and didn’t think I suck. Then I landed Iwasawa Tower Laceration once December last year 6 months into the hobby which greatly boosted my confidence and got me to tell myself I don’t suck


LOL. Just watch Alex Gallimore’s videos and you will feel inadequate.


All those throwers you’re looking at were also once where you’re at right now. If they can get there, so can you! The important thing is that you keep enjoying it.



Thanks for the true words of inspiration


I can’t snap start at all. I’ve practiced it for months and never successfully managed to do it. I just gave up and manual wind.


push start?

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I’ve never felt bad at yoyoing. When I was a lot worse than I am now, I didn’t know much and exaggerated my skills. Right now I’m actually good(or else I’m still exaggerating my skills).


I started to feel like a n00b after trying to make a video and realizing how low my accuracy was. But I accually managed to cut my planned 3 min video from like 90min of clips of me missing tricks here and there.
lol derp


Push start is much easier, I can do both but always found push start to be easier and quicker


I never thought I “sucked”. I just thought of myself as a beginner who is still learning things. I was also aware of the fact that there were people that were better than me. I didn’t let that bring me down though because I knew that they started where I was at one point.