Behind in "Skill Level"


So I’ve been yoyoing off and on for about 3 years now.

In these 3 years, I have discovered that I am far worse at yoyoing than most who have been doing it for the amount of time I have. I have no problem with this, since I prefer to spend my time yoyoing creating more fun, simple tricks than technical, complex combos.

Is anyone else on these forums like this?


If you’re having fun, then you’re doing fine.

Yoyoing isn’t all about super technical and complex combos. Look at players like Hiroyuki Suzuki; Most of his stuff is quite simple but he always places very high in contests.


Don’t worry about being as good as other yo-yoers. Like you said, you spend time making yo-yoing more fun, which is why most people keep yo-yoing as long as you have. I’m still strong after 1.5 years, and I still wake up every morning with the mindset of discovering new concepts, and sharing them with others. Being ‘the best’ isn’t the most important goal yo-yoers should have.


Like I said, I don’t care whatsoever about skill, im just trying to have fun. :wink:



2 years and progressing like a snail.

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Some people are just naturals or give it 100% of their time and energy. I on the other hand use it as a boredom destroyer. It’s not my life, it’s something that makes life better for me. So yes, many people pass me in skill but many also burn out and take long breaks or quit all together. I’ve been yoyoing since I was 5 years old. So I have had a yoyo since…Anyway it’s been a lot of years. I know that my skill will never match the talent I’ve seen here, but I have no doubt that the yoyo and I will always be friends.

In the end, whether it’s an experiment in life, a moments interest, or a life long boredom destroyer, it’s still a wonderful toy that touches each that spend time with it and creates smiles for those around us.

That’s all that matters. Isn’t it?


I’m definitely at a slower pace. I only have maybe a few hours a day between work, wife and a baby to practice yoyo. I feel like I’m happy with my progress and learning new tricks is very satisfying since I don’t just blow through them. I also just goof around and make up stuff(probably not made up, just never seen a tutorial or anyone else do it) or just practice my favorites and just swing it around. For me its very zen, a time to just concentrate on something fun in my very full, sometimes stressful life.


I only play about 5 minutes a day. Waiting for dinner, movie to load, pop-tarts or waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom. That’s the only time I have or I will make for yoyos.


That’s about me, but maybe a little more on weekends. I’ve been yoyoing since last summer, and only made it to Expert part 1, but that’s only a few tricks in there. So I don’t proggess that quickly.


I am pretty much horrible. It says my favorite trick is skin the gerbil but that is just because I am amazed when I actually pull it off which is definitely not all the time. I have fun doing it and impress myself sometimes when I do learn something new. Also I enjoy teaching my daughter and seeing the joy that she gets out of simple things like learning how to bind the Gnarwhal I got her for doing well in school. Oh and I have been yoyoing for years but got into it again about 8 months ago and I know about 6 tricks maybe.


Been throwing since 06 and I’m terrible so you’re not the only one


i am and i don’t care what other people think! I don’t and I am doing just fine! And I learn at my own pace which is probably slower than average but it works because I actually learn the tricks. Also when you me and you don’t have a lot of people to learn from in your community it can be really hard to learn. So if I were you shake it off so what other people think!


I can’t imagine even the top pros in yoyo make any real money at it. This is a hobby, not a career for most people. Hobbies are for enjoyment, and self enrichment. It sounds like you are doing that.

One of my other hobbies is poker. There keeping up with the skill of others makes a difference. If you are looking at competing, then that is a different story. If you are doing it for leisure time, then there is nothing for you to be behind.

I don’t think I’ll be as good as the competitive throwers after several years. I just don’t have the natural gifts, time or discipline. I do enjoy what time I have, and making the slow progress I do make.


I’m just too lazy to learn new tricks lol


I think everyone is just being modest.


I thought that I was ok for my time I’ve spent which is about 9 months. But people think I have been doing it for two years it’s so cool to know I’m good at something that’s not kind of nerdy oh wait never mind that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess this lag in skill is looking like it’s pretty normal. I’d venture to say the vast majority of throwers are just like the people posting here. I know it takes me a long time to learn a new trick and there are some tricks that are standards and have escaped me completely.

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Yeah I feel like that. I can’t make up new stuff for my life, and I’ve been in this like 6 years.

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I’ve been throwing for 4 years on and off and I haven’t progresses much over the past years. For now I just buy yoyos and throw whenever I feel like it. I’m on here way more than I throw. aha


I guess since I’ve been throwing since summer and am just now starting to learn some master tricks, I’m perfectly awful. But when I consider the fact that until Christmas the best yoyo I had was a Bumblebee, and for Christmas I got a Velocity and Exodus, and it wasn’t until my birthday in the beginning of March that I got two budget metals… I consider myself above average.