OneDrop military care package

I posted this on reddit but wanted to post it here also:

Last week I emailed OneDrop and asked them a simple question about where to start when it comes to metal yo yos because there are so MANY options. I told them that I have a couple of YYFs and I had heard many, many good things about OneDrop and myself and a couple of buddies were interested in purchasing from them but we didn’t know the differences and subtleties.

I went on to tell them some background. I am in the U.S. Navy and am currently on LIMDU status (I got hurt on deployment in 2014). Myself, in addition to a couple of buddies that are in the same situation, are getting into throwing because it’s very relaxing and can be therapeutic. We are all beginners and I just learned how to bind in the last couple of weeks.

Not only did I get a super quick reply from David at OneDrop, but he proceeded to tell me that they were going to send us a care package. Now this, in and of itself, was exceptionally generous on their behalf and was not my intention when I reached out to them. But this “care package” arrived today and it blew me away. When I opened the box, I was literally stunned at what David and the OneDrop team decided to send us. Perhaps the most touching part of it all was the hand-written note addressed to my friends and me.

I want to thank OneDrop for their incredible generosity and support of us and service members in general. You now have at least three loyal and devoted customers for life.
I am literally stunned and quite speechless.


Fixed the image for you: :wink:


That is freaking awesome!! David and the guys at One Drop are great people. Have fun with those and happy throwing!!

And thank you and your friend’s VERY much for your service!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your service. I plan to be a marine when I grow up and I think it’s so cool that you guys have served in the military. Thx so much for your service. I finally have someone to motivate me more.

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So beautiful.

A thanks to One Drop for continuously displaying their generosity and a bigger thanks for serving! I hope you enjoy the throws!

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Awesome! those dudes at OD rock!!! and is that a 7 summits or just the box?

Every yo yo is sitting atop the box it came in the original picture. I’m not really sure about some of the subtle differences.

Love One Drop. Very generous and genuine people behind the company. One of the biggest reasons I love sending money their way, and they make some pretty great yoyos too :slight_smile:

If it is a seven summits (and i think it is) it will have the name of one of the 7 highest mountain peaks in the world engraved just under the rim on the the cup of each side. I am going to say youll find “McKinley” on yours. :wink:

What a haul! Excellent care package. Excellent. ;D ;D ;D

Mine does say McKinley!

In addition, it’s got patriotic colors for the most part :slight_smile:

its a mckinley, and its the only one they had left…i checked…if you wanna trade it let me know :slight_smile:

How do you know that? ???

To be honest, I don’t think we are going to trade or sell any of these. These have a lot of sentimental value for us…they’re a lot more than just throws. They’re a symbol of support and generosity that seems to be increasingly rare in this day and age.


I had a similar experience with OD, they mailed me a baby gift and i wont trade it for similar sentimental reasons. Enjoy it!!

What a class act

Enjoy and thanks for your military service

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Thank you so much for serving our country! And thank you one drop for helping out those who served our country! :slight_smile:

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Please play them for a month or so and come back and share which one is your favorite. I know which one of those is mine but I don’t want to color your opinions.

As for the McKinley, here is some backstory on that yo-yo. It is a part of their 7 Summits line. The 7 Summits was a redesign of the popular Summit yo-yo that One Drop made in collaboration with CLYW. There were 7 different color combos made of the 7 Summits with each named after the highest summit on each continent. The McKinley is the North American color combo. Of the yo-yos they sent you, the 7 Summits is the rarest of the lot due to the fact that only 50 of each color combo was made and One Drop will never make them again. That alone would have been an incredible care package, I can’t think of a better pair of hands for that patriotic yo-yo.

Here is some more technical info on it.

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Wow, that’s really amazing. Thanks for letting me know that.

This just made my day. Thanks gents for what you do. I will also be a loyal OD customer for life. Hard to find people who have a heart these days. So great to see our boys get hooked up by the best.

Non sibi sed patriae

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