Onedrop Cascade vs Markmont Classic

Looking at the 2 following yoyos for my next purchase: Onedrop Cascade or the Markmont Classic. Both are priced the same, come in multiple colors, and use the changeable side effects. Biggest 2 differences are the diameter and base weight. Which do you guys prefer and why? Don’t forget to vote!

I personally like the cascade better, but both are awesome. The cascade is a fun yet powerful throw that you can bring with you anywhere that kind of adapts to any style. Also great for chopsticks and tight tech without sacrificing the full catch zone. The MM Classic is really a joy to throw and to watch because it is just so darn smooth. It isn’t super fast or stable, but it does have some floatiness to it and just a really great feel. It makes you look about 30% better than you really are. It does tend to like a slower style and a bit harder tricks while the cascade is perfectly happy with your fastest speed combo or your hardest banger. All together it’s a close call and really a matter of preference.

P.S. If you get the MM Classic, get it in a solid color or two tone, it just makes it look better.

Cascade plays more solid. MMC feels lighter and faster. Cascade is going to be a bit better for tech and chopsticks because of the smaller diameter. The MMC comes with two sets of SEs. I personally prefer the MMC.

Thanks for the input everyone. After a lot of research and reviews, and talking to the guys over at One Drop(cudos), I ended up ordering myself a Markmont Classic in red! ;D