Onedrop 54 spin times

Well, I just got a one drop 54 today. I’ve been throwing it non-stop because it’s just such a fun yoyo; however it seems like it’s not stable at all, and its spin times are really lacking. Is the 54 just not performance oriented? I was expecting stability and good spin times, and it’s not really excelling in either category. It’s still a very fun yoyo, and I enjoy playing with a relaxed feeling throw. I was just wondering if I need to break the bearing in even more or what?

It’s not; It was my first metal, and it’s a fun organic yoyo. Watch the summit documentary when jensen kimmitt talks about old-school yoyos being harder to perform on because they are less stable. I can perform all my combos on it, but my yoyoing has to be smoother as it is less forgiving for mistakes. “Spin time” isn’t the problem; (unless you have bearing problems) it’s how you throw and how smooth you can control your yoyoing.


I’d give it “average” in the stability department. I don’t agree that it’s “not stable at all” though. Stability is the feature I look for most in a yo-yo. I actually thought this one was definitely not the most stable, but just stable enough at the same time. I would set the bar right here for whether I can “like” a yo-yo or not based on stability. I thought it just passed the test. So, I know what you mean, and I would agree that the throw is the most important factor, with very small adjustments during yo-yoing after that.

The 54 was the first yoyo to make use of the side-effects system. When One Drop released it a few years ago, I’m pretty sure their primary focus was to showcase the capabilities of the new technology, not to make a yoyo with a bold design that would outperform everything else. It is a fun throw, but I agree that it lacks stability and spin time in comparison to more recent releases. This means it is less forgiving of sloppy play, so it might actually make you a better player in the long run.

Thanks guys, I’m a little bit more used to it now so it’s getting progressively easier to use :).

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Stepping away from these insane Draupnir like yoyos these days is just fantastic sometimes. Good to hear. :slight_smile: