Back Into The Yo-Yo Game! (looking for advice/recommendations)


Hello everyone!

After several years of not really throwing (maybe picking up my yo-yo up a few days a year), I have now been playing consistently for around 2 weeks and I think I’m back for good!

My main yo-yo right now is a One Drop 54 (which as I’m sure many will agree is a beautiful yo-yo) however I’ve had it and been using it as my main yo-yo pretty much since its release several years ago… Long story short I want to buy some new yo-yos!

My skill level I would say is pretty advanced so I’m looking for competition level yo-yos as that is something I would like to get into in the future, I would also like advice on some of the best bearings that are out there these days, as well as good response pads (basically the more unresponsive the better haha, I hate when the response is so tight you struggle to do more advanced string tricks without the yo-yo shooting back up into your hands). Obviously if the yo-yos that you recommend already come with great bearings/response then just say!

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice you can offer ;D


I feel like my Shutter, Metal Skyva, and Radical Seas Set Sail are good yo-yos and they don’t break the bank. Honestly though, I haven’t come across a yo-yo that I dislike.


yep, as stated above, the metal skyva is a good choice and great for learning fingerspins, also not too hard on the wallet. Another option would be to scour the BST for a good deal on a titanium. I just recently saw a YYF titanium dream on there in good condition for $120. I’ve got one already and it’s a throw I just keep reaching for. Super fast, durable, and powerful spin. But honestly, pretty much every yoyo nowadays is super good.

As for bearings, the best bearing I’ve used is the gold plated center-trac, but they are expensive for bearings. But if you were just getting one yoyo and wanted the best, this is it. The second best option is a dif-e-yo KK bearing. I’ve always liked these, but they have to be genuine dif KK’s, the knock-offs suck.

The best slim response pads i’ve used are the natural colored “marathon” yyf pads, The best wide pads are the clyw snow tires. one drop pads for OD yoyos are also super good.


I’m going with atlas it is very fast, very wide, bearing and response are great, great grind finish, and fingerspins are great on it my favorite competition yoyo by far


Hey there!
I’d say not to worry much about bearings as most wont affect your play much I feel. For getting back into the Yoyo world I can reccomend the YoYoFactory Shutter. It is greatly modern style and is the perfect price for anyone. Along with shutter and maybe looking for something bimetal for a change, look into magic Yoyo stealth which is a great bimetal Yoyo for price.


I was gonna splurge and get the gold plated but yesterday I read the gold wears off. How fast?


For good and reasonably priced bearings, I recommend the CLYW/iYoYo Pixel bearing which (I think) out performs some ceramic bearings and at less than half the cost. These are at least as good as the dif-e-yo KK bearings (I think they’re better) and they cost less. For yoyos, I really like One Drops and my favorites are the Top Deck and the Dang2. Both are highly recommended!


Mine wore off noticeably after a couple hours of play. Really not worth it, IMO.


Gold Center Trac or just generic gold plated bearing? Ive had a gold center trac for a while that doesn’t show any wear. The generic gold plated bearings wear out really fast, but the NSK bearings last a while in my experience.


Something to think about.