One Drop 54 responsive please help

Just got the one drop 54 and it is responsive can anyone recommend any pads that can fix this


Just play it more. Long sleepers are good. I think some people like to do gyro flops(I can’t do those yet), but you need to break in the bearing. Well, that and break in the response pads too.

I got a mint Relic Code 1 from BST, and I’m still breaking in the bearing, but that’s because I don’t throw it much because I don’t want to ding it up, even playing over carpet.

Pretty much every other yoyo I’ve bought I’ve had to do the same thing: break in the bearing and response pad. It takes some time. Look at it as an excuse to throw more. That can’t be a bad thing now, can it?

Yea I think I just need to throw it more. Thanks

Just keep playing with it til it breaks in a little and if its still responsive after a few hours, clean the bearing and don’t lube it. Should be dead unresponsive then. Both my 54s came completely unresponsive. It could be that they just put a little too much lube in that particular bearing in the shop.

After I Silicone my throws and if they tend to be grabby, I take some denim jeans and rub it on the response for about 30 secs on each side and it makes it less responsive. Or, like stated patience and more throwing.