how good of a yoyo is this? i just want some thoughts.

I’ve thrown it a little. It plays good. I can bust out all my tricks on it no problem. It’s real light but for 10 bucks man u can’t go wrong, I would recommend it to all beginners. It vibes insanely bad tho…at least the one I threw did. Didn’t seem to affect play at all. Just super vibey, could have been the satine job Cameron put on it. It’s worth the ten bucks but don’t expect it to be too good. U get what u pay for lol.

I couldn’t agree more!!! Mine vibes like a car w/ a flat tire and when you put a normal size C-bearing in it the vibe gets worse. I’m not a fan of it at all. Personally, I’ll take a ShinWoo Techno2 over the One any day.

I didn’t have a vibey problem with the one I got to try out, but the one I threw was very jump. LYNN FURRY ROCKS!

my friend wants one, so i was just checking