The One by YoYoFactory | a Review

The One by YoYoFactory | a Review
YoYoFactory may be best known for their high quality metal yo-yos and their giant team of champions, but for the last few years they have been working on bringing a high performance low cost plastic model to market. The *star line are all great players for the intermediate to advanced range for a third the price of most metals. The Grind Machine (plastic) brought stability and hubstacks to the $20 range. The Velocity, arguably the best beginners yo-yo on the market, gave players an unprecedented adjustability and range on the fly at a low price tag. The latest endeavor into low cost plastics from YoYoFactory comes in the form of the One. YoYoFactory has brought this licensed design to the U.S. at a mind blowing sub $10 range. I picked up two models of the One from Fatlace during the “Pray for Japan” Earthquake benefit sale. Over the last week, I got a chance to put them through the review paces. Review

Hi, I have a low budget and I am going to get a new yoyo. I am either going to get a ONE or a Pocket Change. Or for the price maybe both but if you had to chose one. Which one would it be.

I am positive you will be happier with the One. Make sure to get the one with the extra bearing.

It’s about time somebody came out with a good throw for people on a budget in this price range. Awesome!

I don’t get the thin bearing. All the yoyos Ive gotten with a regular C size were responsive as they were.
It’s funny the yoyo with an extra spec costs the same as just the bearing.

It does look like a good first yoyo.