One or Velocity?

I am just asking which one is better performance wise, and can handle advance tricks, at 1A

Both can. The Velocity has textured plastic on some parts for grinding. But the main difference is that the Velocity is interchangable from repsonsive to unresponsive. Here is a full demo of it’s abilities:

So is the One.

You should get a Velocity. You can switch it from responsive to unresponsive. It sleeps longer than the One and is better for grinding.

We have both (3 Velocities, 3 ONEs). My boys and I all prefer the ONE. The Velocities rarely get used anymore. It is easier for me to do harder tricks with the ONE. I don’t really like either of them for grinding.

The ONE doesn’t have dials. It doesn’t change as easily. You gotta take the yoyo apart, swap bearings, screw it back in, wind the string. The dials just simply twist in a second and done.

One is too light

The one is really light. Both are slightly responsive even when they are supposed to “unresponsive”. Im not a hundred percent sure about this, but I think the Velocity comes with two dials, one of them having the option o using o-ring response, not starburst.
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I’d go with a whip over both of them. but if I were choosing one of those two, I’d get a one.
I didn’t much care for the velocity.

can the whip change from responsive to unresponsive?
And can it perform advance tricks?

well you can get a slim responsive bearing, or put lube in the stock one and it will make it responsive. but out of the box, it’s unresponsive.
and pretty much any yoyo can do advanced tricks.

I don’t usually come out like that

but I feel lots of “nunchuck” here

get the one over the velocity all day, any day, I actually have both, started out with a velocity V3

the dials/response looks like a good idea, but really it’s not
the throw offers average performance for a beginner throw, at best

as a beginner your throw won’t be good enough to really exploit the velocity, forget about the video, when you play for years, you can play with anything (there’s a vid out there, of Ed Haponik doing “spirit bomb” with a 70 years old, fixed axle, wooden yoyo) and I can just as easily pull out dozens of videos of people playing with one’s

but they should just enjoy themselves quite some more

myself, I have 2 one’s, one is even setup for 5A and 2 counterweights, that’s how much I just like this throw, it’s one of the most likable plastic throws. This is coming from someone who tends to hate plastic throws.

I ended up giving my velocity away to some kid who couldn’t afford anything at all, I guess it’s still better than your walmart throw, the ones you buy right at the cashier. you know the ones I’m talking about.

anyway, alright, with the velocity, you can get started, you’ll start playing with the dials and after a few tries, you’ll just go to responsive and learn the basic bind in like 10 minutes or so anyway.

it’ll take you a nice week to ten days journey where you’ll probably end up performing very good double or nothings, possibly the first half of “matrix” before your yoyo will just die at the end of the string.

the velocity is 54g, just to say, to those who wrote “the one is too light”, which is 1g or so lighter than the one (most of the spec you find out there are from V1 & V2 velocities which were heavier, but now the shops carry the V3 which is MUCH lighter)

so the “one” is overall a much better throw and it’s definitely cheaper.

comes with a thin bearing, which is actually working (as opposite as the velocity’s dials which, really, are more of a gimmick than a functional feature) as a responsive system.

then, open it up, swap for the wide/spec bearing for another, fully functional, providing a fair amount of spin, setup

as the spin dies, the one quickly loses stability, it doesn’t really “die” but it’s light weight doesn’t really help the momentum.

that said, it WILL spin longer than the velocity, the difference is significant and it will allow combos as your throw will get better, the velocity just won’t, well, it would, but it’s really not a fun throw to play and hold in your hand. the one has this bulky, undersize, round feel that is really enjoyable just to hold in your hand, throw and catch, it feels more modern, the velocity is more of an hybrid shape, very thin and fullsize. the one is definitely more modern by design.

last but not least, the one is also designed to be easily moddable and will also teach you the basics of general yoyo maintenance.

throw in a $10 center trac bearing and you got yourself a decent performer for advanced play

the velocity is just outdated here

Out of Those Two, I would Get The ONE. But If You want a good Performer, I would Suggest The Jk

I’ve heard the whip is also very good, didn’t try it tho