"new" velocity.

What is the dif between the old one and the new one.

a lot.

Oh. Ok.

So is the velocity a good throw for the price?

yes, very good. the response is adjustable, so it will grow with you.

We are talking about the new one right?


Cool. Thanks

my velocity died after 2 weeks i would not recamend it other choices the one or the kickside

How did it “die”?

Very interest to hear this also

They fixed the dials on the new one also.
They could be hard to turn sometimes.
I have the older one.

Its a great beginner yoyo.
Nice to have for newbies and friends to try out.

i dont know i have never messed with it and it just lost all of its spin time

So, you wouldn’t recommend a yoyo because you more than likely have some gunk in your bearing, or something caught in the response? Seriously kid, think before you post stuff like this. Do some simple maintenance before you give advice.

ive tried cleaning the bearing and lubed it i know what i am doing so lets not start a fight here and stay cool

I am going to point out that your “favorite yo-yo” is the “volocity.”

Now I am going to assume that you are an unreliable source of information.

One primary difference between the old and new velocity is that the response shuttles on the original are starbursts that you can slap pads on top of, whereas the new one is actually recessed silicone. I haven’t tried it myself, but I hear very good things about it.

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i havent had time to change that but thanks for reminding me

Did you over lube it?

It shouldn’t do anything.

And saying “let’s not start a fight,” may provoke someone to start a fight.

Just saying.

Actually there are several versions.

the new wider one with improved dials
and the last version both have silicone pads,

The version before that had starburst
I don’t know the history before that point.