One of you made it to the front page of reddit

I don’t remember who it was but I believe that somebody posted this video which was turned into a gif and uploaded to reddit under /r/funny.  The post is titled “Hello fans, check out my skills” and was uploaded by /u/darkhippo.  I thought that it was really cool that a yoyo video could make the front page without being under /r/throwers.  Her it is

He looks like Justin beber. :stuck_out_tongue:

Owwww…I have a video where I do that to myself. It’s so painful!

That has hapened to me and got a black eye

I know that hurts and I probably shouldnt have but I just busted out laughing :smiley:

It’s just like hockey - gotta keep your head up.

You know. Every time I get a sloppy bind, I know it’s not gonna go down easy. Yet for some reason I still throw it down and have to dodge it every time.

“Hmm maybe if I throw it hard enough the knot will pull out”

I believe it happen to almost all of us.
besides, if you never got hit with a yoyo in the head, you never going to be a good yoyoer.

Anyway, thanks for the share. I know it hurt but I can’t stop laughing.

yeah i did that recently… but i hit my lip…

… I didn’t throw the rest of the day.