This has got to hurt


Before u open the link I’m just gonna tell u what the video is its a guy who accidentally hits himself in the head with a clyw

This one just looks cool its a guy with a blacklight yoyoing so everything is glowing


Your links don’t seem to work.

Should do it.



Ooooooh ouch why’d you post that!?!


lol, but you kind of asked for it with that trick :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:


lol idk why I posted it


Am I a bad person for thinking that first vid is hilarious?

Maybe it’s ok because I’ve hurt myself with yoyos plenty… :wink:


the first time I saw it I kinda laughed now I laugh hard every time I see it XD

(LordCanti) #9

That was the best regen ever!!! Hahaha! XD

I feel I can laugh because I saw no blood or broken bones.


First: Ouch! Did you hear the sound the yoyo did when it hit his skull? lol that must have left some sort of bump I would say, but it is definitely going to happen and I have gotten hits lots of time. I am just thankful I did not get hit with a Chief cause that would have made me cry lol :wink:

Second: That video was amazing. I really love blacklight videos it just makes yoyoing seem so much cooler. They were nice complex tricks and awesome movements.


Honestly it didn’t look that bad, it sort of glanced him as opposed to a direct perpendicular hit, and he had a thick wool toque on and it hit him in the hardest part of the skull. The worst are usually people throwing breakaways with their head leaning forward looking down and taking it right in the nose/eyes


I thought it looked like right in the eye socket. That yoyo rang enough that it hit hard, padding or no.


lol that happened to me. I had a knot in my chief that I didn’t know about so I threw a breakaway and it sliced my eyebrow open lol It left a scar. That was the day I got my chief to XD