I share my fail.

Well, I got a laugh shortly after. For a good fifteen minutes though I was in pain (still somewhat am). Haha, practicing some horizontal and I didn’t quite throw horizontal enough and the string slipped right off my finger, LOL.

you can’t really see anything but you sure can hear it.

Therefore, I share my fail. Laugh away. Truly a great three seconds.

(Btw, dial up connection so I had to make the vid as small as possible because upload times)



OW… That looked bad.

Hope aren’t too badly hurt. :slight_smile:

Boom! Headshot
lol seriously though, ouch
I know that that hurts. really bad. Did it leave any kind of cuts, or just pain?

Lol nah I just got a knot on my forehead, haha.

When It begins to throb I just playback the video. Laughter makes me feel better.

Oh wow… that sounded like it hurt. Glad your okay.
But im not gonna lie, I did laugh out loud. xD


You nailed yourself bad with that kind of ping coming off. I’d be careful for a bit and if you think anything is wrong, get to a doctor ASAP!

That hurt me…oww

I like your dog… L0L

oowwwww. I conked my jaw when I was doing banana turnover yesterday, and that made me feel better. :wink:

Whoa dude, that was a blow! I had to put an ice pack on my head just from watching that. Hope the wrong people don’t see this or before you know it they’ll be requiring us to put on a helmet before we throw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, I get shivers when I hear the yoyo make contact with your face lol.

Haha, yeah. It was just like 15 minutes of throbbing and dizzyness, then it was OK besides being a bit sore.

Just a bump ( large, bump :wink: ) today. Don’t bother me unless I touch it, haha. Good times.

(Kei, you ninja’d me =0 )

dude i did the exact same thing with a phenomizm. I had a black eye for a week

owww that must have hurt, what yoyo was that?



That must have hurt.

I can’t stop clicking play!!! Play play!!!

You guys would have really liked if I posted the aftermath. =/ It was a good 2 minutes before I shut the camera off… didn’t even realize it was on for the longest time, haha.

I got hit in the face with a plastic when i threw horizontal and it hit my arm which caused it to shoot up and hit my jaw but not even close to this.

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