one more week!!!

one more week until i am fully recovered from my surgery and I can start throwing again!!!

I feel like i have been out of touch with my self, because I haven’t been able to throw at all for a month!!

anyways can’t wait till next week when i can pick up where i left off, actually ill probably have to start all over again lol.

So guys whats new? Don’t have to be specific to yoyo or anything in particular just bored lol.

to be honest i have been looking for other sites to learn from and nothing really beats Andres style IMO.

i think i just learn faster with his style of teaching, umm some other sites don’t speak at all and i don’t think that works for me lol I am too lazy to read i think.

any suggestions?

what in the world did you have surgery on?

I got an ICD put in. Implantable defribilator. Couldn’t move my left hand for a month!

rethinkyoyo, cyberyo, and highspeed yoyo are all good

I only know a new company here at YYE the YYJK (yoyojoker) they got many expensive yoyos