Planning on getting back into throwing. Been way to long.


Fortunately I just got a new job and since spring term is almost over I’ll be able to work more and can hopefully buy a decent throw. Hopefully a Bemchmark.

After my first day on the job I couldn’t help but be excited for the future, then literally the very next day I had a spontaneous Pneumothorax aka a totally random lung collapse due to my height, being thin and being a male. While I was in the hospital for 6 days and had a surgery I kept watching Yoyoing videos and can’t help but want to throw again. Even if I only buy a YYJ classic or YYF one I am determined to get back into yoyoing. I finally got out of the hospital yesterday so once I recover I am back to work and will be saving up for a throw.

I had gotten the short end of the stick about a year back when I participated in a gift exchange and just a month or two ago the person who never sent me a gift in the gift exchange messaged me and told me he wanted to make things right and because I’m a broke college student and had to sell all my throws bevause I was struggling to pay for college and books I was quite excited. Unfortunately I haven’t heard back from him so no luck there :confused: I will just have to wait till I can get my own.

If you guys want to see the video of the tube that was in my
CHEST being removed from my chest go to my Instagram it’s pretty gnar. It’s called a pigtail tube and it hurt so bad to have it removed the surgery itself wasn’t to bad. My Instagram is Jc_DamaLife

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know that I miss you all, I miss the positive vibes and all the willingness to help others that is offered here in this community. The Kendall community is cool and all but it’s nothing like the Yoyo community. Hopefully soon I will have my own throw and I can start to practice and hopefully post up some edits of me throwing and playing Kendama. Right now I cannot be too active due to my lung recovering but soon enough :).

Hope you guys are all well and if you remember me don’t be afraid to say HI :slight_smile:


So HI. Welcome back. Hope your recovery went well.


Yoyoing is awsome I agree


Thanks! Been feeling way better. Got out Thursday and I haven’t had anything bad happen so I’m sure I’ll be fine :slight_smile: was quite worried though, a collapsed lung is no joke.


You were missed, one of the more “keep it real” guys on the forum. I watched the video and, Yikes! I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. I’ll be following on Instagram. PM sent. Get well soon.


What kind of yoyo are you using. I like the g funk and pop star. Try to recover good luck!!!