Back in the game, sort of?

Hey guys, I left the yoyo scene like a year ago, I’m not expecting anyone to remember me (I was on a different forum, but was pretty well known I think)

Basically my story goes as this. I had/have very bad depression, I had to drop out of college and now I go to some hospital thing every day.

I’ve really started to turn my life around. I lost 80 pounds, quit doing bad things, and I’m picking up yoyoing again. I’m really excited to be back, with a positive and healthy mind, and I hope to make some more great friends.
I’ve still been yoyoing all the time, I just havent been in the scene for quite some time. I plan on starting to compete, after like 5 years of yoyoing haha.

I just wanted to make this post, only because I’m so happy to be back.


Well, Welcome back! :slight_smile:

thats good man i hope you follow the right path in life

Congrats! Glad to see you have found peace in yoyoing! Welcome back!

Welcome back.

I wish I had the time to tell you how similar your story is to my own. I’ll just say that I know how you feel and can appreciate what you’re going through.

Glad you’re happy to be back.


Welcome Back!!! ;D

Welcome! ;D ;D

good for you! :wink: welcome back