One last throw.

I’m starting university in september and when I do, most of my paychecks will be directed towards paying off my line of credit to reduce my debt, with the rest of my check going towards food and essentials. This means no more extreme spending on new throws! :frowning:

So on my last check before school starts (my last check is this thursday) what throw should I get?!

I’m looking for any company, any price range, any throw. If you think it’s good, post it and say why! Any posts are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I want something with an extreme colorway. Like cotton candy pink with electric blue speckle. It’s not a deciding factor, but if you know of any nice throws here on YYE with some awesome paint jobs, thats a plus.
Also, I suppose I should add what I have to this, haha! I currently have a Code 1, Code 2, Genesis+ and Northstar.
I cannot try different yoyos by the way. I’m pretty sure I’m the single person in my entire province that yoyos…


If you dont own a Gelada yet pick one up. Great throw great colors

what university are you going to? Just curious
And have you tried any spyys? they’re fantastic. You could get the new ranchero. I’ve never personally thrown it, but it looks promising. Perhaps a tad on the heavy side though.
Or another is the spyy revenger. This is one of the least talked about yoyos I’ve ever seen. lol
But I thought the colourway/laser engraving was amazing, so I got one, and I have no regrets. it’s still to date my favourite throw. it’s floaty, grinds really well, does horizontal well, looks amazing, spins for a long time, and it’s smooth as glass.

honestly, just get something that looks good t you. For the most part, any yoyo you get will be able to perform well. Especially if you’re getting a yoyo in the $100 category. (I figure if it’s your last one for a while, might as well go out with a bang, right?)
Maybe get a clyw, yyr, or yyjoker

Any throw?
I seriously say get a Sleipnir.
You will fall in love

I’m going to Memorial University. And no, I haven’t tried any SPYY’s. The Ranchero looks good, but I’d like to see someone post who has tried it… The revenger looks good as well, but there aren’t any in stock anywhere I can find. I’m personally really liking the look of the Gelada the guy before you posted, I also think I need a lighter throw, cause when I went from the Code 1 to 2, I found I liked the lighter style of the Code 2. And my thoughts exactly, last yoyo for at least a few years, might as well go all out!

Not to push CLYW:
Arctic Circle, Chief and Glacier Express. Wow.

Kinda different is the Decapod or Wet Whistle from TenYoYo. More reasonably priced yet amazing performance. Colorways I have are “Ghost Crap” and “raw”. Basically, both are raw. If colorways are you think, these ain’t it!

G-Squared, either the Albatross or Nessie. I lean more towards the Albatross.

I go for performance over decoration. I don’t see you compromising performance, you’re just looking for performance with an “over the top” colorway. Search hard, I’m sure you’ll find it!

I do love all the CLYW’s but there are none on YYE. :frowning: I tend to not buy used either, I’d rather a fresh throw, that way I know exactly what I’m getting.

Also yeah, I wouldn’t go decor over performance, if I find a throw I love but the only color is plain black I’d still buy it, the epic over the top paint job would just be a major plus. :slight_smile:

I had a short post.

Anyhow, that aside, plenty of GE’s still available on YYE. I ordered a Copper and Lemon on Friday, it arrived Monday. One went to a friend(the lemon), the Copper is mine!

I think you might like the Royale. Some of their colorways are kind out there. Great grinder, spikes for matador play(kinda small though). Does need an IRG though, but other than that, I really enjoy this one a lot.

I agree. I think the Royale would be a great throw to keep you busy. I love mine. Maybe a CLYW like the GE.

I know you said you don’t like buying used, but I would say look through the B/S/T and see if anything catches your eye. There are a lot of awesome throws there and some sick colorways on some awesome yoyos that I’m sure you would find amazing.