one drop

whats yall think of one drop be honest i need to know

It’s a great company. Well, all yoyo companies are great companies.


onedrops are my favoite throws

focused on metal yoyos, players, and independent companies.

The foundation of this community is the One Drop workshop. they enjoy spending each day making yo-yos, talking to players, and collaborating with other designers. This process has expanded since they introduced the ShopCam. This has allowed them to share what they do every day and it’s great having a community of people hanging out with one drop. By bringing people into their shop they have forged relationships and shared ideas.They continue to focus on new ideas and bringing the highest quality yoyos to the community.Plus the 54 rocks. Happy throwing

I don’t actually own one, but I love my friend’s one drop yoyo.

One Drops are my favorite throws!

onedrops are the best wish they would sell p2’s again :frowning:

I love one drop. Not just their yoyo’s but everything about them. They just do things right. I have a dingo, M1, MarkMont Next, Y-Factor and 54 and love them all. In my opinion the 54 is the best yoyo I own in that it is smooth stable and with the SE’s can be anything you want it to be.

beastly for 1a, beastly for 2a, beastly for 3a, beastly for 4a, beastly for 5a


2a and 4a?

Because you totally see people doing 2A and 4A with onedrop yoyos…

Yfactor I’d one of my favorite throws. I hate undersized yoyos too sothat says alot.

Did anyone notice that the 54’s are back in stock??!!

2a was just a bluff to show how AWESOME ONEDROP IS!!!

Gosh, that M1 was so dinged…  :o

I think One Drop is great and have mostly undersized yoyos which I like. But the same for any yoyo company, it’s great. Not one yoyo company is better than the other one.

Oh really?(look at your fav yos)