Favorite One Drop Aspects

Favorite One Drop aspects! Name them! Favorite yoyo, colorway, price, quality, support, players, side effects, all of the above, anything!

I’ll start: favorites: cascade in dragon slayer! Also I love One Drop quality as well as their low price points!

I just picked up a Benchmark H in horesehead and I love it. Its my first full size throw and you can really tell the quality is there. Also Will Prater is my personal favorite from the team.

Markmont Classic is life.

Best OD aspects? ALL OF THEM. One Drop is amazing. Both the Markmont Classic and Cascade are all time favorites.

It was dope when markmont won worlds and the shutter. classic is a great throw.

Classic is wonderful, but I’m still all about that Valor life. Flow Groove is the best silicone pad out there. They tend to keep things reasonably-priced, which is great. Super nice guys, and absolutely the most accessible team members of any company. There are a few other equally accessible owners (Chris Mikulin is always easy to find and communicate with) but there’s now doubting that the OD guys are right there with the most easy to approach.

They didn’t blink when I asked about helping out the Old Folks contest I run (2 Valors? You kidding me?) and recently I got a wonderful PM mentioning that they enjoyed my recent interview on Throwlicious Live. A totally wonderful surprise, that was!

Just great guys with a great product. Doesn’t get more simple or obvious than that!

I own mostly OD and I an a big fan. I think they are the best value out there for performance and fun.

Right now my new favorite is the GZR Cascade. The thing just goes and goes! I have not had a one drop that I didn’t love.

What do I like best about onedrop?

Maybe it’s the Valor or my Classic. Then again I really love my blue Summit. Maybe it’s the quality and craftsmanship. Maybe it’s the way they just feel in the air… perhaps it’s Paul Dang’s hair!? For anyone who knows anything about the company, it’s clear they love what they do and it reflects in their product. Oh and don’t forget Side Effects! Lego SE are too much fun!!

Are One Drop Aspects like Side Effects?

no i think its like counter weight

Oh like vibe.

What’s vibe?

YoYo Enhancements!

Let’s face it, we all love Onedrop for one primary reason…

The man. The myth. The legend.


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I really like how involved with the community they are. The Code 1 and 2 are beaming examples. Beyond that though, they’re active on forums and very open about most questions that are asked about them. It’s cool to see questions about their products answered directly by people involved in the company. It’s also great that they’re really open to random people in the comity just dropping by their headquarters with just a simple email as a heads up.

It also helps that they make outstanding throws. The Side Effects system is truly a game changer. And just the fact that they are willing to machine throws for other companies as well. I know that if I ever got into designing throws, that I’d try my hardest to have OD be my machinists, because their stuff is ridiculous in terms of quality.


I was actually thinking just last night that I would love it if the post was a few microns thicker for a press fit that didn’t have the bearing fall off when the half was inverted. Like JUUST enough.

Side Effects or standard bearing post yoyo? Either way, no one is measuring in microns or could have that much control. We measure in .0001" (ten thousands of an inch). And the window to get the size right is about .0002". It’s insane and we work really hard to make sure bearings don’t get stuck.

Yoyos are a unique application of bearings in that they need to be tight enough to make sure the yoyo is smooth, but loose enough that the bearing is serviceable. In most other applications of bearings they are press fit and if we could do that in yoyo making it would be a lot easier. This is the hardest part of making yoyos. Most manufacturers can’t hit the small window so they error on the side of tight which is why you are used to bearings being tight. If they put the error on the loose side, then the yoyos would be more vibey overall and it’s generally been considered more acceptable to be tight then vibey so that’s why that happens.

Then comes your post asking for tight - never thought I’d see that :slight_smile:

Side Effects are a different case though. The post is on the Side Effect and the window is just as small to get the size right. However, the reason the bearings are loose on a Side Effect yoyo is because the post doesn’t fully engage until the yoyo is assembled due to the taper on the Side Effect - assembling the yoyo pulls the Side Effects all the way and at that point the post is the perfect size. The best way to take a Side Effect yoyo a part is to hold it vertically so the bearing doesn’t fall.

Yup, I meant SEs.

Naturally you don’t invert the halves on purpose, but SE yoyos are probably the only ones that I accidentally tip a bearing out more often than I’d like. :wink:

However, now that I understand the hows and whys of their design, I wouldn’t necessarily trade it. If it creates a perfect fit when tightened, pretty hard to ask for better than that.