One Drop YoYos Official News

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We just talked about that SE’s… :stuck_out_tongue:


What exactly makes a 5A yo-yo different from a 1A yo-yo?


I’m no expert in this area but I just meant some yoyos are just specifically designed for 3a or 5a as opposed to 1a. When I think of the best 1a yoyos I think extreme rim weight. I don’t think rim weight is as important for 5a yoyos, average weight of 65-67g is more important than in 1a, maybe a rounded multi-step V-shape? I’m pretty sure there’s more that goes into it but like I said I’m no expert.

I didn’t really mean 5a yoyos are different than 1a yoyos, I just think designs can be made to be more 5a-oriented.


I’m just curious. I know there are features that tend to make some yo-yos more 3A friendly but as far as I know any 1A yo-yo can easily be used for 5A play.


ant ti marquis spotted?


A guy named Evan got one on Facebook.


We know of 3 of them being opened at this point.


One of Scott’s students opened a Ti a couple/few weeks ago.


Any news on the release date of the Kraken yet?


I wanna know about the release date of the bi-metal that’s been 2 years in the making ::slight_smile:


FYI YYE is giving away a set of red Flat Caps with the YYE logo engraved on them with the purchase of any Side Effect yoyo :slight_smile:


Could you do a run of begleri?


It is something we are considering … although it’s pretty low priority.


Are you guys going to do a bimetal?


Some pics were “leaked” like 2 years ago but no updates since then as far as I know. I’m pretty sure they’re still working on it, even if it’s not their highest priority right now.

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I would love it if you guys did!


So excited! Ordered my o shaped benchmark, counting down the days till it comes!


Good pick. The O Benchmark is fantastic!


2017 Benchmarks in the new year plans? My wife got me a 2016 O for Christmas and i love it so much.


That’s probably a given, unless they move shop again? Benchmarks traditionally come out in December. 2016’s were early birds I guess; that said:
Any plans to machine any more Projects or fade throws anytime soon?
P.S. Will “Value Town Mystery Boxes!” make a return at some point?