Joining One Drop Yo-Yo's

Hi everyone!!!  It has been a while since I have posted here but I have remained active in the scene nevertheless!

So David Shawn and everyone at One Drop asked me if I wanted to join the One Drop family and well.  Here we go!!  It has been one crazy journey for me since I got into this crazy sport back in the Summer of 2010!!  I would like to thank the guys for this awesome opportunity!!  Here is my welcome video to the team.  This was filmed the weekend of NH States back in 2015.



Great news. Congrats.

Congrats Matt! You’re a great ambassador for our pursuit.

Thanks guys!!!

Congrats!! You deserve it.

Saw the news on Instagram yesterday! (Also started following you as I didn’t realise you had a IG)

Huge congratulations are definately in order Matt, you’ve earned it for all the time and effort you’ve put into this community. Also it’s great to see you back on here, make sure you stick around… we miss you. ;D

I only have one question…

What colour is your signature yoyo going to be? :wink:

What is your instagram mgiroux77? Is it that?


Thanks man!! I plan on being around!! My sig colorway is going to be purple and green acid washed. It was only done once on a One Drop yoyo and that was the Green Haze Y Factor… Which also happens to be my first ever One Drop yoyo!

Aye, that’s you through and through that is! ;D

I’ll be honest, part of me was really hoping you had somehow managed to rope Jason Wong into throwing down that unbelievably-attractive hulk smash anodising you have on your 1-of-1 Avalanche… :stuck_out_tongue:

HEHE Yea too bad he doe not do that kind of work anymore!!

Congrats! Though it’s not Yoyo rested I have gotten two endorsements in my music career and it is such a great feeing of respect and joy to have a company whose products you love support you back! I also must add the purple/green colorway is a great choice, those are 2 colors that compliment each other sooo well ;D

Congrats on the sponsorship, and especially from such an awesome company!

That Green Haze Y-Factor looks cool, but I think it would look even cooler if the acid wash was inverted on the other side. Like a green with purple acid and the other halve be purple with green acid. ;D

Congrats Matt, awesome news!

Now you just need to work on getting a Treehouse sponsorship haha!

That would be pretty sick man!!

Congrats, man! One drop is an awesome company with tons of awesome people behind it :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team my friend :slight_smile:

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Thank you man!

Looking at the posts on his IG account, I’m not sure Treehouse coule afford to sponsor him ;D

Somehow I knew Matt’s signature colorway would be green and purple.

Once again, congratulations.

Congrats! Your a big influence on the community!