Questions for David ehe

  1. How different do you think your yoyo-life would be without starting Onedrop?
  2. What are the things that made you stay in the yoyo community?
  3. What are the values that you usually find before sponsoring anybody?

btw, please collaborate with @sfyoyos *cough

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Already been done. The SK.


The SK is available on OD’s site right now in some really nice colorways.

  1. I would hoped that I would have come across modern yoyoing if it didn’t happen the way it did. I would definitely be into it.

  2. This is our life :slight_smile:

  3. Been done. The SK.

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h o w
b o u t

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Pretty sure they machined a lot of g2s early yo-yos

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But a collab. Not just machined.