One Drop YoYos Official News

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I would also love to see the mystery boxes again, didn’t get a chance to snag one last time!


November this year will be the Project’s 10 year anniversary.

I’ve heard an anniversary model mentioned on facebook. REALLY hoping that happens! Project is one of the greatest yoyos ever made. I can’t imagine how great one would be now that Shawn & David have 10 years of design and manufacturing behind them.


May I suggest selling nickel versions of the blind box yoyos separately on their own. Nickel plated yoyos are a niche item, wanted by select individuals.

Certain people, such as myself, are allergic to nickel. I have owned nickel yoyos in the past and my palms get insanely itchy. I do not want to take the chance at getting a nickel version. That is one lottery that I wouldn’t want to win, but would win.


I bet a lot of people would be willing to trade their solid color or fade for a nickel one if you do happen to get one.


Nasty! But, your chances of getting one are only 1/30. And again, tons of people would be willing to trade for another colourway. I mean, I’m not allergic to nickel and I’m certainly hoping to get one.
Also I doubt that YoyoExpert would intnetionally break the seals on any of the blind boxes. And because of their rarity, selling them of separately would be quite unfair to all the other retailers. Plus it would allieviate the curiosity of what you’re going to get.


Nah I passed on it. I respect the fun that blind packs provide, but I’d rather pick my colorway. I’ll leave this to the suckers who buy 10 hoping to pull a titanium.


They are sealed in a bag inside the box. Could always get one, cut the top of the bag and peak in first, if it’s nickel then snap a photo of it in the bag and put it up for sale right away. You’ll sell it really fast and make your money back, or trade it off for a color you want fairly quick :slight_smile:


Great idea, but they are sold out. :slight_smile:

That’s OK, I’m holding out for the Trillium Hand Spinner.


Parlays now available!


Great colorways on those Parlays!

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Forgive me for being out of the loop, but will OneDrop have a booth at BAC?


We will be joining the Terraria folks for a livestream today at 2pm PDT to hang out, chat, yo-yo and give away a Terrarian and a Kraken. See you there!


We gettin’ DangTWOs over here?



Releasing on August 18th at yoyoexpert :slight_smile:


Midnight release! Countdown up!


More DANG2s heading to YYE as we speak :slight_smile:


One Drop t-shirts exclusively printed by yye.


Those t-shirts are a good look.


I’m enjoying my Deep State so much! I hope it has been a success for you.

I’d love to see a followup; utilizing more of a butterfly profile, yet retaining the smaller gap and lighter weight.


Do we know yet if there’s going to be a 2018 Benchmark series?