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In regards to a finger spin cap…

How about this then? Make a finger spin cap out of plastic that covers the entire cup that we can snap onto the Lego side effects. This way it’s lightweight, safe, and can be used for finger spins.

In regards to the RSMs…
I was able to make my own hubstacks out of Lego side effects and some lego pieces from a mini x-wing lego set, and YYF hubstacks. I can’t remember who gave me the idea. It was someone back at the old forums.

They weren’t too heavy at all, they worked great. If you could make a side effect that simply acts as a hubstack post, we could add our own hubstacks. They wouldn’t be too heavy at all.

I’m persistent. :slight_smile: I just love hubstacks and finger spins. The Vangaurd looks like it could be good for finger spins. Maybe I’ll give that one a try.


You can do “ghetto matador” with fingerspin on any yoyo that has a through-hole, like the Valor, or on any SE yoyo with Ultra-Light side-effects.

One Nutty McNutterson here on the YYE forums (Andy, where you at?) could semi-reliably hop to the Valor’s through-hole. Me, I can only ghetto matador or settle for off-axis fingerspins.


Yea, those are pretty cool ;D I can do them on the Markmonts and ultralights too but now I have a skyva that can fingerspin for longer with no effort at all so… ::slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #1624

I’ve done it on the MMC’s before :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so how about a sunken in side effect or little thicker body so a flater one might sit almost flush?


Ultra Lights sit flush


I think he is asking for the yo-yo to have the Side Effect sit flush with the floor of the yo-yo so if you had Flat Caps or Ultra Lights installed it would essentially have a flat, hub less floor to it. Is something like that even possible?


I think they should just make a yoyo with a cup designed for fingerspins rather than making 20g concave side effects for fingerspins.

Top Deck already looks like it does the job really well though, will need to get one sometime to try it out.

I personally don’t like the cup for the Valor that much. You could get long fingerspins if you landed in the inner ring but it’s not too good if you land in the outer ring, would’ve been better to not have an outer ring all together.


That’s what i meant and i know there’s better throws for finger spins in my opinion my marqis is excellent at it but i love side effects they add personality to your throws and would love a throw with SE and at least be able to pull off spins


You can get a few-seconds fingerspin off most if not all SE yoyos. It’s not great, but it can “at least be able to pull off spins”




I know a guy who can land his finger on the tip of the spike thing on a T1 and finger spin on it…


That is awesome!


I hurt myself once trying it one 2013 Benchmark H.


You are a man of many words. ;D


I think it’d be a great idea to have a Benchmark series WITHOUT side effects.

less center-weight, better for fingerspins, something a little different than previous years, and if for nothing else, knocks a few bucks off the price.


I put ultralights on my 2016 w and it’s awesome!!


I have lego SEs (just a touch heavier than ultralights) in my 2016 H. This round of Benchmarks are fantastic!


Have you ever thought of doing an offstring yo-yo, or at least an SE designed for finger spins?


One Drop hasn’t really ever considered doing anything outside of 1a yoyos. I’m pretty sure they haven’t even made a yoyo with 3a or 5a in mind yet.

As for SE for fingerspins, they’d be too heavy, a 66g yoyo could potentially be 80g I’m assuming.